Little Village Boys & Girls Club

2801 S. Ridgeway, Chicago, IL 60623

Little Village Club: Our Story

Club photo

The Little Village Club is the oldest of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago, founded in 1918, and originally named the William H. Jones Club in memory of the Vice-President of International Harvester. The Little Village Club serves the heart of the South Lawndale community, also known as Little Village. The community includes a large population of Mexican descent. The injection of Latino culture gives the Little Village neighborhood its vibrant and distinct character today. Little Village is the retail, residential and cultural capital of the Mexican community in the Midwest.

Over the past 30 years, Little Village has become a major port of entry for Mexican immigrants, and the community has been strengthened by the economic power, traditions, determination and hope that they bring. While solid housing stock and thriving commercial districts have been key to the community's prosperity, the neighborhood is challenged to invest in its human resources—in particular the youth in the community. Half of the residents are under the age of 25, creating a demand for better support for education, recreation programs and other social services. The Little Village Club offers a comprehensive array of programs and services to young people of all ages in the community. In addition, the Club partners with local community organizations to enhance programs for young people.